The Essential Consumer Guide for South Carolina Accident Cases
by Fletcher M. Johnson Jr

Giving away information on how automobile accident cases work and how automobile insurance works is good for us and for you, the consumer.

Fletcher Johnson is an advocate for the rights of the injured. In his 24 years of practicing personal injury law, he has come depend upon three basics in order to determine whether an individual has a good or winnable case. He likens three those basics to a three-legged stool and they are:

• Liability—who is responsible?
• Injuries or damages—were you hurt?
• Recoverability—Is there some fund of money you can assess to pay for your injuries or damages?

The Three-Legged Stool outlines the seven mistakes that can wreck your case. It describes the stages of a lawsuit and it answers victims’ frequently asked questions.

You need to start with the right ingredients to make a good case, and if you do something wrong or ignore something important, you and your case are screwed, blued and tattooed.


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