What Every Parent Should Know About Children's Injuries
by Sandra Rohrstaff

I wrote this book for two reasons:

1. To make parents and caregivers aware of the most common injury accidents involving children so that can take steps to avoid them

2. To provide information and resources to parents who find themselves in the awful position of having a child who has been seriously injured due to someone else’s carelessness.

Over the past 20+ years, I have tried many accident cases in Virginia. As a mother, the most tragic and heart-wrenching ones have been those involving children. Most of the time, my opponent is a powerful insurance company that is willing to pay for an aggressive and time-consuming defense, even when the injured person is a child. Parents, already coping with sadness and grief, are overwhelmed by an often incomprehensible legal process.

A lawyer who is experienced in representing children who have been injured can help. I know firsthand what a parent goes through when the parent’s child has been seriously harmed by the negligence of someone else. I hope this book helps parents do what they are already doing—protecting and advancing the best interests of their child.


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