by Bruce Deming

Whether you’ve already been injured in a motor-cycle crash, or just have an interest in learning more should that ever happen, this book will give you valuable, basic information that can help you avoid making killer mistakes that could wreck your case. It’s written in plain English to tell you what to do, where to go, and how to manage the process of pursuing your claim against that negligent driver. In it, you’ll find:

• How to deal effectively with insurance companies

• What “negligence” is and how to prove it

• How to hire the right attorney (and avoid the wrong lawyer for your case!)

• Exactly what to do right away if you’ve been in an accident

• What you must know about contributory negligence

• What insurance subrogation means and why it can ruin your claim

• If you have to file suit, what happens and when

• Six killer mistakes that can wreck your motorcycle accident case, and much, much more!

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