by Michael Schafer

Michael A. Schafer is an attorney who concentrates his law practice in personal injury litigation. In 1990 he opened his office in Louisville, Kentucky. Now, Mike represents people who have been injured in serious and sometimes fatal accidents, helping them through the maze of insurance law to assure they receive fair and just compensation for their injuries and other damages. For additional information about Mike and his practice visit www.mikeschaferlaw.com.

“Although I practice law in Washington State, my wife and her family are from Kentucky. I am familiar with Kentucky’s complicated wrongful death laws. Mike Schafer’s new book is a valuable resource for grieving families who are dealing with the tragic aftermath of a wrongful death. The book is easy to read, sympathetic, and will familiarize the reader with the common issues and problems that can arise in wrongful death claims. No family member should hire an attorney or speak to an insurance company about a wrongful death claim in Kentucky until they read Mr. Schafer’s book."

— Christopher Davis, The Davis Law Group, Seattle, Washington

“Dealing with the unexpected accidental death of a family member is frightening, complicated and sickening. Most people fumble through the process in a fog of disbelief and confusion. What people in this unfamiliar state need is a simple, reliable source of relevant information. Mike Schafer’s book, “Wrongful Death in Kentucky”, is that easy to understand, reliable source of the information and guidance needed by the family of deceased accident victims. This book will save hours of anguish and despair."

— John Bisnar, a California Personal Injury Attorney who has handled over a hundred wrongful death cases.


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