by Ty Willson

Georgia attorney Ty Wilson has dedicated his legal career to representing people against insurance companies. Shortly after law school, Mr. Wilson worked for a big defense law firm before realizing that his true calling was in helping people–not businesses.

Ty completed his legal education in Atlanta, Georgia and shortly after passing the Georgia Bar, he took on a job working with a large downtown Atlanta firm primarily working in extensive discovery production for complex pharmaceutical tort litigation.

When the opportunity arose to help people who have been hurt by others, the decision was easy. Believing that helping people was far more rewarding than helping billion dollar companies, Ty left the big Atlanta law firm for a small practice. Ty helped the small practice become a medium size practice, before starting his own law firm focused on helping people who have been injured.

That outlook is what led to the creation of this book. Inside readers will find a complete injury diary. After a collision, fall, or accident it can be very difficult to keep a clear and focused mind. With that in consideration Ty put together this journal to aid in the organization of injuries, information, and experiences during these most crucial moments.


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