by David J. Chaney

Have you ever wanted to know what India is like, or have thought about visiting that country? David Chaney, in his personal and enthusiastic style, will tell you many things about India that you will not find in a travel brochure. 
The author’s friendship with many native Indians provides a perspective and an insight into the complex cultural phenomena unique to the country. Want to know something about Ayurveda medicine, Indian traffic, the foods and cuisine of the Indian State of Kerala in Southwest India, riding an elephant bareback, wading in the Arabian Sea, or attending an elephant festival? Then this is a must book for you!
But David  just doesn’t write about his own personal experiences. He also provides an historical and geographical background that gives you a thorough knowledge and understanding of that amazing country.
David, with an Indian companion, also travels to Northern India. His description of visits to many famous sites is both informative and often humorous. The author attempts to contrast the differences between the cultures of Northern India with that of Southwest India, where he spent the majority of his time.
David’s return trip to India three years later provides the Epilogue to his book. During the two weeks he spent in Kerala, the author will tell you about having four meals over a 5½ hour span, and how he “crashed a wedding.”
If you are interested in travel—specifically to India—or Indian culture, history, and life in general, then you will enjoy the author’s description of the country. After reading the book, you might be thinking, ”I wish I was in India.”

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