by Barry Menikoff

The University of Wisconsin English Department was a singular place in the early sixties:  the bastion of grand old figures whose best time was behind them, but who held fast to their faith and practice for one final class of gifted and pioneering students.

Lost Embers traces the journey of a boy from the broken blocks of Brooklyn to the flat grid of a lakeshore prairie town. The shock of the new—regions and religions, customs and habits—turned a New York provincial into a middle western sophisticate.  

Part homage, part elegy, Madison Remembered distills both the brilliance and poignancy of that time in the middle of a remarkable century. By following one young man’s voyage of discovery, a vivid narrative of fact that reads like a riveting bildungsroman, it reanimates a largely forgotten generation, the last to remember that bright, brief moment in Madison’s life.

Barry Menikoff’s first memoir, Stone Mother: A Brooklyn Life was published in 2018. “Disarmingly honest, it is the book that we all think we have in us, but very few have the courage to write.”


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