Not a Bad Trip: A Pittsburgh Cab Story
by Howie Ehrlichman

"I make my way into the building, remembering my instructions to find the man locked inside a cage."

In 1977, Howie landed a summer job to offset college expenses. Forty years later, he finished his shift. Not a Bad Trip: A Pittsburgh Cab Story takes you along for the ride, offering an intimate view inside this often maligned and misunderstood profession.

These stories provide snapshots across each decade from the era of iconic Checker dinosaurs ruling city streets through the inevitable transformation into today’s Uber economy. Readers encounter people from all walks of life, uncovering the humanity inside high-profile celebrities while discovering the extraordinary within ordinary folks. Not a Bad Trip unravels mysteries philosophers have forever pondered, like How do I hail a cab? What makes the airport The Promised Land? Why does my mediocre rideshare driver have five stars? Even the perennial How much should I tip?

Relax. Enjoy the ride. And, yes, look out the windows as the place—Pittsburgh, becomes the star of the show.”


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