by Michael Poinski

LTC Mike Poinski (Ret.) has captured the essence of a Reservists’ annual training in his new book. As a former member of the unit Mike has written about, I personally knew many of the characters he introduces in his story. Mike’s account of his annual training experience as an Army Reserve maintenance company commander in the early 1980s captures a leader’s response to the highs and lows faced by Reserves during that time period. Mike’s narrative is filled with humor and colorful dialogue with a cast of characters just waiting to be introduced to the reader. I highly recommend Mike Poinski’s book to anyone who has ever been in the military, and especially to those who have ever participated in a summer annual training with the Reserve Components; it is sure to bring back some fond memories.

John R. Dabrowski, Ph.D.
COL, USAR (Ret.)

$16.95 20% off

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