by ronald kaiser

“After being shot and bayoneted eleven times do you think I’m going to let a few double-talking politicians and a bunch of cover-your-ass officers stop me from telling the truth?”- Tony Herbert

The New York Times called Lieutenant Colonel Anthony B. Herbert a “Supersoldier” but when he spoke out about the poor leadership and bad politics of the Vietnam War he rattled the cages of the West Point Protective Association, a fraternity of academy boys who eventually forced him out of the Army he loved.

As thousands of our kids were getting killed and maimed, Herbert started his own war to try and stop the senseless slaughter.

The media called it Herbert’s War.

Named the most decorated soldier by President Truman, this son of a coal miner from Herminie, Pennsylvania refused to be silenced, and soon the Army, the Pentagon and the politicians stepped in to stop him.

Learn why Mike Wallace, CBS, and “60 Minutes” teamed up with the Nixon White House to silence one of our great war heroes.
It’s an explosive story of cover-up and deception at the highest levels as they set out to destroy this one lone soldier who was speaking the truth.


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