Love, Humor, Faith: My Destiny
by L.H. Fuge

LaDonna Helaine Fuge, MD, FAAFP is L H F M D.

With her own true story: Love, Humor, Faith: My Destiny, Dr. Fuge shares how life’s Blessings, Happy or sad, have contributed to the making of A Modern Medical Woman.

Raised by two blind parents, Dr. Fuge thanks her family, then and now, for shaping her philosophy. “My Mother pushed me to aspire. My Father taught me to laugh. My Kid sister taught me to keep trying. Medicine taught me to be humble. My Husband, Tom, taught me to love. My Children taught me to live! I thank God for all of them."

In this collection of true short stories about her family and from her life, find a Blessing you can relate to.

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