Essays on Country Life
by Eileen Graham

In warm and humorous prose, this award-winning columnist writes about her adventures in Pennsylvania's apple country and the realities to be faced when the ambiance wears thin. Each subject in An Outlander's Journal seems ordinary, but Eileen Graham digs deep to reveal layers both bright and dark, like the red shale and ironstone found under her Adams County soil.

Through her clear yet compassionate eyes, explore the Stony Batter, Maybelle's place, Dickey's Hill and the neighborhood swimmin' hole. Meet a faith healer, beekeepers, a skunk trapper of the year, and country folk who celebrate spring by throwing an egg over their house. Commiserate as she comes to terms with goats, pigs, sheep, a horse, a goose, two growing boys, and a husband who never met a tractor he didn't like.

In the words of her neighbor Hazel Johnson, An Outlander's Journal may just be "the most wonderfullest" book you read this year.

Praise for An Outlander's Journal

"The people, places and happenings of this book are comparable to those of hundreds of other localities where rural scenes, economies and cultures have been giving way to first exurban and then suburban forces. In An Outlander's Journal, Eileen Graham gently, lovingly and sometimes clinically describes this process and its consequences."

— Bil Gilbert, naturalist, historian, and author of a dozen
books including In God's Countries


"For more than 30 years Eileen Graham has lived in and written about Adams County with appreciation for the people, animals and plants of her adopted home. You will be surprised by how much you learn—or, better, remember—when reading her stories about past decades in rural south-central Pennsylvania. Each reader will find something to love in An Outlander's Journal."

— Ann Hoffer, Twentieth-Century historian, author, and three-time
past-president of the Cumberland County Historical Society

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