by susan mathews

Hello, Baby Boomers!

Don’t let anyone call you a senior citizen! You’re still a “baby” and part of a very special generation with 76,000,000 other boomers who were born between 1946 and 1964. No other generation is as special as ours.

Do you remember sitting in front of your black and white TV, staring at the test pattern and waiting for The Howdy Doody Show or The Mickey Mouse Club to come on? Did you rush home from school and change into your play clothes so you could go outside and ride your bike, play ball, or practice your hula hoop? Then you probably grew up in the ‘50s!

Did you play your 45s over and over on your record player? Was Dick Clark’s American Bandstand the place you learned the latest dances? Do you remember where you were when you learned that President Kennedy had been assassinated, or watched as Neil Armstrong walked on the moon? Did you know someone who served in Vietnam? Then you grew up in the ‘60s!

BABY BOOMERS’ ABCs: the ‘50s & ‘60s is for all ages and generations. This delightful and humorous book will bring back many nostalgic memories for those who experienced it, and show others how groovy life was way back then.


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