by dr. hammet safwat

As we are in the middle of the Energy Transition to combat global warming, it is necessary for all stakeholders on national, regional, and global levels to factor knowledge-innovations in adopting the appropriate strategies and establishing priorities. The author believes that the contents of this book provide valuable insights that can guide decisions and serve both the immediate and the long-term targets. Thus, Dr. Safwat addresses in the most sensible ways the sustainability goals. His insights should help in articulating well-balanced decisions and avoid mistakes that were evident in the last decades.

In this book, Dr. Safwat advances several concepts and propositions that should revolutionize our thinking about business economics. His deep conviction is that with a deeper understanding of the twin knowledge & energy affecting business economics, enterprises would be better able to achieve overall targets.

Through optimizing the combination of knowledge & energy businesses achieve improvements in performance and better overall efficiency, hence, attain a higher competitive edge.

The close relationship between knowledge and energy and the significant similarities in many of their characteristics has led the author to propose that the units of energy represent knowledge: “IT IS ALL ABOUT JOULES”. An understanding of this proposition is essential to grasping the significance of Dr. Safwat’s core ideas.

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