by James Webb

It can be very rewarding. I have traveled around the world and found interesting customs and ways of life and enjoy that wealth of knowledge tremendously. I have also found there’s no one superior human being. Rather, we are all created equal and what a wonderful blend we are when we all come together as one ––a major part of the whole. One God, one love, we should share in the one universe that God has granted us all. Peace love and happiness. Make a difference while you are here. We will all be rewarded for contributing to making this a better world. Why is America regressing? Racial hatred is everywhere! This attitude must be changed by our elected officials. They must use their leadership not only in the congress and senate. Their voices should be heard on the radio, television, and the internet to communicate with the people. The message must be unity.

A message from me to you:

As we evolve in our lifetime due to the continuous love and blessings from our Creator, we have an obligation to grow spiritually and become self aware that we may accept reality and learn to cope with life’s daily challenges. We achieve this by growing from within, consistently seeking knowledge and wisdom to fortify and govern ourselves. We are all part of God’s creation. As we grow in our years we must come together to respect and accept our fellow human beings regardless of race, creed or color. H If we are to survive on this planet, we all must energize her with the spiritual elements of love, happiness and peace for all. These essentials are the most powerful forces we as a people can wield for the nurturing of our children, the welfare of our elderly and the compassion and transformation for our poor. H The betterment of our world greatly depends upon us all. With the wealth and the talent that we all possess, we must find a way to bring understanding, harmony and togetherness to our society here and now. God bless us all. We are all equal before God.

Work on our nation’s symbols for which it stands—God and the World are watching.

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