The E is Silent
by Phillip Altfeld

He learned at the feet of a master - his own father - a prankster extraordinaire, who set his son off on a lifelong banquet of jest. Dr. Pharte - The E is Silent is one delicious slice of Altfeld’s amazing life after another, beginning in his salad days in Baltimore, to the good life in Aspen, the California desert, and wherever in the world he happens to pop up. Be it an Australian mountain top, the Via Veneto, a Hollywood sound stage, or a star-studded party on the Riviera - Altfeld can turn it all on its ear with one of his off-the-cuff, off-the-wall, outside-the-box pranks. And no one - no matter how famous or infamous - is immune.

When the seriousness of life weighs you down and you just need a good belly laugh - Dr. Pharte will cure your ills.

$14.95 20% off

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