GIVE 1.25
by Alec Zacaroli and Amy Porter-Zacaroli

In 2008, World Bank researchers set an international poverty line of $1.25 per day.

That got us thinking.

If the international poverty threshold is $1.25/day, shouldn’t that mean that for $1.25/day we should be able to lift a child out of poverty? What if we actually could help lift a child out of poverty for such a small amount? Not just providing for mere survival; giving food or clean water or some form of medical attention. We mean really lifting a child up and out of poverty. Giving him a chance at a future. Giving her a reason to dream, without it being an exercise in futility. Giving a child a better chance to weather natural disasters of all kinds, including the silent ones of AIDS, hunger and neglect. What if we could do that? What would it look like? We wanted to know. As it turned out, we already did.

Give125 is about the most important lesson we learned in 10 years of ministry to South Africa’s poor: it’s not how much you give, but how you give. In this book, we share why this lesson is so important to our world, and more importantly, why it means that you – no matter who you are or what you have – are the true hope of nations.



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