by Jeff Pastorek

For You Who Are Lost in Your Pursuit of Health, I Can Help You.

This is not your typical how-to book. It is part story and part philosophy, but it’s all journey. Spiritual plans are behind any quest for health and healing.

I allow few stones to go unturned and have acquired the consummate combination of all things health-related. I’ve been working to improve my health and strength since the age of three. Yoga, body-building, diet, spiritual, and all the many roads toward health are often paved by the eccentrics, and I am one of them. Pursuing health will take you further, and this book will feature some of the many techniques and tips I have found on my own journey.

For those of you who pursue health and healing, do all you can in the physical channels. Being in balance will always be a main factor in true health. Health is like the universe. It is everything and it is multifaceted. Health permeates all things, because the spirit prefers healthy mediums for expression. This is why so many healers have sought to connect people with health concerns to a great flow of spirit. If you’re serious about it and get really good at physical training, you’ll be pure enough to work your hyper and dimensional levels.


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