by Priscilla Oehl

This collection of personal essays, newspaper columns and assorted poetry is the result of decades of putting thoughts on paper. It follows the 2014 publication of MY STUFF in which the author writes about ordinary life experiences which have \ far-reaching meaning and appeal for her many readers. Some humorous, some poignant, others self-deprecating, they have enough universality to enable the reader to identify with the author’s thoughts and opinions. Her slice-of-life observations and critiques range from family life, including children, grandchildren and husbands to growing older in the ever-changing world of technology and cosmetics.

Priscilla Oehl grew up in Ridgewood, New Jersey. After graduation from Cornell University and raising a family of three children, she received a graduate degree from University of Pittsburgh and became a Speech/Language Pathologist working with language delayed children.

Upon her retirement, she began what she refers to a mini-career writing columns for a community newspaper in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since becoming a winter resident of Florida, she has contributed a monthly column to her local paper, the SEAWORD at Ocean Village in Fort Pierce. She and her husband divide their time between Pittsburgh, the seashore community of Avalon, New Jersey, and Ocean Village. Favorite activities include tennis, biking, golf, bridge, and, of course, writing.


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