by samuel hazo

Praise for Outspokenly Yours,

“Samuel Hazo’s Outspokenly Yours, is a many-splendored book that, once digested, prods the reader to start conversations with friends about any hundreds of insights, witticisms, wisdoms and provocations. Hazo has wonderful alternatives to conventional rituals and practices in both every day and abnormal lives. Hazo doesn’t do all this himself. He serves up to you some of the best, most memorable nuggets ever compiled by poets, philosophers, reporters and historians. Reading page by page, my attention got even more immersed and excited. The essays “The Glory of Sports”, “Saved by Wit and Laughter”, “The Ongoing Duping of America”, and “Spiel vs. Speech” are indicative of Hazo’s range, depth and originality.”
– Ralph Nader

“Outspokenly Yours, showcases the special talents that have distinguished the work of Sam Hazo over the course of his long and celebrated career. There is an inspiring artistry to his use of language that, even in prose, is entirely consistent with his designation as a “poet laureate.” He is also a thought-provoking champion of strong opinions on a wide range of important topics. That combination of qualities is well-served by a collection of short commentaries, because the reader is given frequent opportunities to reflect, both on each message itself and on skill with which that message has been presented.”
– Mark Nordenberg
Chancellor Emeritus and Institute of Politics Chair, University of Pittsburgh

“Samuel Hazo is a masterful writer and a sharp observer of the American scene. Ranging from politics to Pittsburgh and from the value of poetry to the meaning of home, the essays in this collection are both engaging and filled with wisdom.”
– Andrew J. Bacevich
Historian, Professor Emeritus of History and International Relations, Boston University
His most recent book is America’s War: For the Greater Middle East


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