by audrey Glickman

Equal Pockets for All!

Is it possible that clothing designers have servants carrying around their personal items for them…?

Author and illustrator Audrey Glickman does not just advocate for POCKETS, she is working to elevate the status of the Unpocketed Majority—women! From the curse of the purse to a proposal for bras with pockets, Glickman looks at the problem from every angle and takes her initiative in every possible direction.

“We need pockets in our dresses, in our long underwear.” And, she says, “I don’t mean one-inch-deep appliques that pretend to be pockets. I mean real pockets that can contain things.” How about cell phones and parking quarters? For these Glickman favors pockets inside pockets. As a skilled seamstress, the author covers D.I.Y. creations, but encourages clothing manufacturers to include smart pockets, deep pockets, tiny pockets and ample ones. “The very future of our society depends upon pockets!” she exclaims.

And as if all of this wasn’t enough to make you want to buy this book, you should know that Glickman’s illustrations are a delight. Clean and spare as a New Yorker cartoon, each one a clever commentary on the present state of pockets.


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