by besty kay kennon vmd

This true story begins when a busy vet hears a voice in her head telling her not to euthanize a severely paralyzed stray cat that had been brought into the clinic where she worked in the wealthy suburb of Fox Chapel near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Though she was some years away from retirement, Dr. Betsy Kennon had decided that when she did, she would put her knowledge and skills into training and handling a therapy dog. But it seems the Creator wanted all this to happen sooner rather than later. And it would be this stray cat who had somehow lost the use of his back legs but possessed not only therapeutic qualities but nearly miraculous powers.

Scooter, who had been fitted with a cart to accommodate his useless back legs, from the beginning seemed to understand its value. “He never balked at going into the cart and once inside, never made a sound. He was eager to get to work.”

Scooter would snuggle up to a patient and the warmth of his little body would awaken hands, eyelids, voices, even spirits that had been crushed by one catastrophe or another.

Scooter, Therapy Cat chronicles some of Scooter’s true miracles and introduces readers to the many patients who came to know and love Scooter for the quiet moments of comfort, courage and happiness he brought them.


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