by terry hazlett

SURVEY SAYS may be the first-ever attempt to document a particular style of 60s-era music, known as The Pittsburgh Sound.

A handful of local disc jockeys and radio stations lead the way to defining the music by plucking songs from stacks of discarded 45s, flipping to the B-side of national hits or creating hits from songs that had stalled nationwide.

In his book, author Terry P. Hazlett, a long-time disc jockey and radio station music director, has painstakingly created a week-by-week composite of the top songs in the tri-state area from 1960-1969. The author combined all available local radio surveys and airplay charts with glances at the national charts, even recollections from local collectors and pop music experts to create this one-of-a-kind snapshot of an historic decade of musical innovation

Terry Hazlett has worked tirelessly to bring you SURVEY SAYS the chart action of the songs you remember and some you may have forgotten. SURVEY SAYS is a must-have for all music lovers. It will surely start and enhance wonderful debates about the best era for popular music—the 1960s.

- Pete “I Got The Beat” Povich,
WJPA Program Director



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