by Mark J. Plawecki

This book should scare the hell out of all thinking persons.

It is entitled Notes from Outside the Truman Show because that’s where author Mark Plawecki is—on the outside looking in. Most people are on the inside because they have succumbed to years of brainwashing by the Military Industrial Congressional Media Academic Complex (MICMAC), which started with President Truman. Harry Truman is a much admired man inside the Truman Show. Ask any person on the street to name his or her favorite president of the past century and Truman’s name will be near the top. But plain-talking, folksy Give ‘Em Hell Harry allowed himself to be persuaded that communism must be defeated and destroyed whenever and wherever it reared its ugly head. Thus did the Truman Doctrine propel the nation down a path that has taken it far away from the kind of Republic envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Instead, today we are a nation where the military pretty much gets what it wants because almost everybody—in business, in government, in academia, in the media—is richly rewarded by the military’s efforts to “save” the world, which has now morphed into the War on Terror.

Saving the world is our biggest business. But who is going to save us from ourselves?

Plawecki offends every American elite: the military, the multinationals, Congress, the Supreme Court, every president after Kennedy, corporate media, and prestigious academia. The author’s religious faith compels him to suggest that perhaps only correctly interpreted Divine intervention itself is humanity’s only hope.



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