Poetry in the Life of Roger P. Williams Sr.
By Roger Peabody Williams Sr.

God inspired Roger P. Williams, Sr. to write these poems and letters while working at the State penitentiary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Roger’s experiences in the penitentiary include dangerous situations, dangerous set-up, racism and, at times, rejections at work, Church, home and relatives. Roger Williams is a man acquainted with grief and sorrows, but he is also a child of the King. God has been with Roger through all of these life experiences and His presence is reflected in the compilation of poems originally written on small sheets of scrap paper over a thirty year period.

The friends and family of Roger P. Williams, Sr. have collected and compiled all of the papers having Roger’s poems written thereon, thereby creating his first full length book of poetry.

Touch not my anointed
Do my prophets no harm.
My Lord and my God
Said these words.
Tears welled up in my eyes
Because my adversaries
Do not know who God is.


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