by craig a garner

This is my eighth book of poetry. It is a little late in coming out due to some health issues I experienced this year and issues with my job last year. But, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to produce yet another product that I believe is relevant and necessary. “Four More Years In My Lifetime” is a follow up to my previous book of poetry, “In My Lifetime…A Poetic Expression of Why It Should Be!” It was written to celebrate another historic occasion in which an African-American man, Barack H. Obama, was re-elected as President of the United States. But, it was also written to document the issues and environment in which that event took place. Too many times we overlook the context in which a special event takes place, forgetting that the external things going on are what made the event extraordinary.

This book not only contains a dedication to President Obama, but pieces that illustrate the times in which we live. Although we re-elected a black president, there are still plenty of obstacles to overcome such as poverty, unemployment, inter-cultural conflicts, the outsourcing of jobs, Republican backlash, mass murders and so much more. I have attempted to capture much of this in signature pieces such as “Poverty’s Pain,” “Cultural Boundaries” and “Consequences.” I have also added a few pieces dedicated to great people who have passed on such as Whitney Houston and Ida B. Wells. I’ve also sprinkled in a few humorous pieces like “Not Yet!” and “Influence Peddlers” since we have to laugh at ourselves to stay sane. Lastly, I have again interspersed quotes from scholars and authors who I admire and respect.


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