by Phyllis Plum

The best part of life is the people we know. We sing songs to them, make plans and promises, set up expectations and standards. We grow together and sometimes apart. We live life in poetry form, in rhythm and rhyme with ups and downs -- always changing around all the people we know -- the people we love and those who have turned away from our love.

Herein, each line of poetry draws a picture of a moment, an emotion or belief -- like a line drawing. With just a few words, i invite you to be entertained or comforted, or discover how we share common joy and sorrow, success and failure -- together.

We stumble through our vulnerable youth (BUD) to become adults (BLOOM) only to survive new challenges. The chapters begin with life observed, moving through growth from pain, then misery and survival. Next comes acceptance and insights gained. Finally, it is sunshine time -- a safe landing -- set for new beginnings.

My poems deal with getting through what we think we know -- FROM BUD TO BLOOM. Consider a slow read like a journal without the formal rhyme expected in poetry.

Poetry unveils a philosophy of life -- determining the who, what, when, where, how and why. May you be renewed in your review in understanding your survival in time.
Phyllis (Fox) Plum

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