by giulio magrini

The essence of the dirt beneath enhances our spirits. The characteristics...have shaped our lives and shaken history. The symmetry of the dirt and those who traverse it are intrinsically bound.
The Color of Dirt represents a panorama of sharing through my years of writing. I never interpreted art as mystery to be solved but life to be shared, with the joy, pain, confusion, and discovery that comes with it. I want my work to bring people closer. I trust them to seize their cherished humanity, and enjoy the imperfect struggle in better understanding. —Giulio Magrini

PRAISE FOR The Color of Dirt

“This wide-ranging collection in six distinct sections emerges and benefits from the thought and experience of a lifetime. The poetic craft and voice are mature, beautiful, and interesting throughout. The Color of Dirt was a long time coming and was well worth the wait.”
—Don Krieger  Author of When Danger Is Past, Who Remembers? (Milk and Cake Press)

“Giulio Magrini’s The Color of Dirt is a force to be celebrated. Through bloody sands and harvests of soil of whatever sprouts forth—His harvest is tragedy and triumph and the evaluation of its worth. A kaleidoscopic organic experience which will have the reader contemplating the color of their own dirt of being.”
—Mike Zone Editor in Chief, Dumpster Fire Press, Author of & the Earth Was Shaking for Days

“Giulio Magrini’s poetry and prose touches the sordid and sublime of the human condition, often within an individual work. There is grit, confection, and a pinch of humor in the same bite that satisfies the mind and fills the heart.” 
—Rod Drought, Author and Poet


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