by Craig A. Garner

This book, Craig’s seventh, is a semi-autobiographical depiction of what he has gone through during his entire life as a child from the projects to an IT manager at a Fortune Five Hundred company. And, his transition from a sports star in the Air Force to the Poet Laureate of the township of Irvington, and Chairman of the Planning Board. It is a very interesting and compelling story of redemption, enlightenment, and excitement during an era when many young African American men were struggling to define their role in our society. As usual, no punches are pulled since Craig tells it like it is or in this case was.

His story is an American story that should reverberate throughout many folks’ minds allowing them to easily relate to it. From his troubles down south to his troubles up south, Craig weaves a magical trail of his very emotional and turbulent life. He then sums it up with the much awaited uplifting ending that everyone would wish for themselves. Craig’s life story is a must read because it shows how with perseverance, persistence, and love one can overcome much adversity in their life. It is ultimately a testimony to the fact that there is a price to pay for speaking the truth. But with the belief in God and support of your family all things are possible, in spite of what anyone may say or anyone may do.

Craig has interspersed some of his latest poems between the chapters, staying true to his authorship’s roots in poetry. Also included are quotes from some he has admired over the years.

Craig A. Garner is currently a resident and home owner in Irvington, N.J. He, his wife, and family have resided there for over twenty seven years. He is originally from the Central Ward of Newark N.J. He grew up in the Hayes Homes projects where he had to learn how to protect himself at a very early age since it was a tough neighborhood. He eventually graduated from West Side High school with honors and joined the United States Air Force after working on a few jobs. Upon completing his tour of in the Air Force, he returned home and eventually enrolled in Essex County College where he graduated with an AS in Computer Science. He went on to Kean College (Kean University) and completed his B.S. in Computer Science while working full time at Dun & Bradstreet.

Craig eventually applied for and received an offer from AT&T Bell Labs as a software engineer. Later on he transferred to the AT&T Billing division and stayed there for twenty two years. During that time he also completed his Project Management certification at Stevens Institute of Technology and began writing books of poetry. This culminated with him becoming the Poet Laureate of the township of Irvington. Craig has written six books: Rhymes for Reasons I and II, A Poetic Twist of Fate, A Poetic Quest For Fate, A Poetic Purpose to My Life, and In My Lifetime.

Craig also has twenty years of experience implementing presentations for Career Days and schools and colleges. He also is president of his own technology company, Technology Persuasions, and has been the President of the Park Place Block Association for many years. He has been a member of the Irvington Democratic County Committee since he and his wife have been elected District Leaders for the last fourteen years. And he was nominated the West Ward Chairman for the last six years.

He has also been a member and Vice Chairman of the Irvington Planning board over the last eight years. He is married to Veleria Brown-Garner, has two daughters, two brothers and three sisters


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