by craig a garner

This book, which is my eighth one, is probably the most important one since I’m approaching the twilight of my life. In my life one thing I’ve noticed is that most of us tend to take things and loved ones for granted. All life has an expiration date. We just don’t know when it is. But since we don’t, we should begin to appreciate those things and people in our lives that are there for us.

In the past few years we have lost some tremendous people who I respected and wish I had the opportunity to speak with them. But it’s too late since they’re gone. Two years ago the great Gil Scott Heron passed away at a relatively young age. Then at the end of last year the Honorable Nelson Mandela went off to the afterlife. At the beginning of this year the great Amiri Baraka left us and later on the wonderful and talented Maya Angelou passed on. I also lost a great friend and neighbor, Mrs. Marion Scott this year and a wonderful aunt-in-law named Ms. Elaine Brown.

Finally, I had my own brush with mortality when my health began to deteriorate. This book is my attempt to remember to appreciate those folks that are here while they are still above ground. Thank you for purchasing this book and may God bless you.

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