by heath kipp

"The Band Book" is invaluable for bands that want to maximize crowd sizes and profits as well as minimize conflicts and unwanted negative situations.

“The Band Book” gives step-by-step instructions that will guarantee your band’s success. There has never been a more comprehensive guide for musicians. Years of research, as well many successes and failures, have gone into the making of this book. It will push you to the top of the talent pool in your area.

Some of the chapters in The Band Book include:
• Picking Material • The Band Image • Recording a CD
• Promotion • Merchandising • Taxes
• Business • Booking and Negotiating • Much more!

Local and national artists share their thoughts on The Band Book:
“Heath has written a common sense, easy to follow, step by step guide to getting your band off the ground and gigging. These are tried and tested approaches that will absolutely help to make your band successful.”
-Reb Beach (Guitarist for Winger, Whitesnake and Alice Cooper)

“I wish I had this book when I was starting out my music career. Loaded with valuable information, Heath lays out a clear and concise path how to help yourself achieve the greatest possible success in becoming a professional musician.”
-Freddie Nelson (Vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, producer)

“The music biz is one of the hardest or toughest industries to succeed in. Even now that I've been in it for 30 years, this book is like a musician’s bible I can revisit to better prepare or fix my course! This knowledge was written by someone who's seen it all!! Bravo! This book could help a polka band succeed!”
-Ford Thurston (Nashville session guitarist, touring artist, songwriter, producer)

"Check out The Band Book. There is plenty of useful information for any band that wants to try to make it. Remember this is a business. Too many people forget that. This book shows you exactly how to make it as a band.”
-Brian Drusky, (Concert promoter, Drusky Entertainment)



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