Putting a Finished Product on the Field
by Wilbert White Jr.

Many baseball and softball coaches today lack innovation in their coaching and pre-season practices. This could be detrimental to a team, leading to a lackluster season dragged down by an inconsistent quality of play.

Base-running mistakes, dropped fly balls, missed ground balls, misread signals. They all happen. But with new, innovative coaching, they will happen less often and soon fade away altogether.

“This book is designed to help baseball and softball coaches at all levels conduct their pre-season practices with proper time management techniques to increase each player’s maximum potential, both physically and mentally, for the duration of the season." – Wilbert White, the author.

Aimed at novice and veteran coaches alike, this instructional tool will help you develop aggressive, cutting-edge game plans that will allow your team to play better, play harder and play more consistently. Inside chapters cover:

• Setting the tone for the entire season at the very first meeting
• Assembling a pre-season practice schedule
• Strategies for selecting your batting order
• How to keep the skills honed in the pre-season going all season
• Avoiding player burnout
• Coaches’ goals and players’ goals
• and more

“You can be creative in your coaching and lead your team with integrity to its ultimate success."

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