by Bob Tatrn

Wanna Be A Sports Know-It-All?
Bob Tatrn has been telling sports stories all of his adult life. He’s mainly been telling them in minutes and seconds since he made his living in the nano-second, stop-watch world of broadcasting

Bob Tatrn’s Sports Minutes takes readers on a wild ride through nearly every sport with a crowd of sports personalities as he offers up tales you’ll be repeating for years to come:

Did you know that…
A retired major league baseball pitcher awoke one day to read his obituary in the newspaper. Someone had assumed his identity and had basked in his sunlight

A fugitive from justice was taken into custody when police in attendance at a MLB game, noticed his mug on the giant stadium scoreboard TV on Kiss Cam.

NFL running back Mercury Morris sought the help of a witchdoctor when his playing time with the Miami Dolphins began to diminish.

A horse jockey, trampled at a race by five horses and presumed dead, was taken to a local morgue only to rise up and return to the race track to ride again.

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