By Doug Jessup


“Finally a great coach tells his secrets. A must read for coaches of ALL AGES.”

“There is no greater JOY than to watch a kid you coach GET IT and I am not talking about hitting or stealing third…I am talking about respecting authority, being a teammate, overcoming adversity and becoming a champion on the inside. Thanks Coach Jessup for putting this book together, I recommend it to anyone coaching any sport, that they may have a VISION of making a difference in the lives of the ones they are coaching.”

“I have welcomed many teams and coaches to the Dominican Republic to share in our World Series of Youth Baseball. I will never forget the Northwest Titans and their leader Coach Jessup. The players, coaches even the parents, they all had such respect for the game of baseball, admiration for our country and professionalism toward their opponents. They played ALL OUT to win but the entire time honoring the umpires, loosing with grace and winning, with the humility I rarely see from those in the U.S. Thanks Coach for now teaching others to do the same! SALUTE!”

“Yes! Thanks for putting into words my sentiments regarding coaching youth sports. There are a lot of crazy coaches out there teaching kids what NOT to do by their words, their attitude and their actions. Thank you Coach for giving us ALL an example of HOW TO DO IT RIGHT. We can shape the lives of the next generation through youth sports if we will COACH the right way.”

“Athletic directors buy this as a teaching tool for all of your coaches. Presidents of youth sport organizations buy this as mandatory reading for all who want to coach in your league. This book is what youth sports has needed for the past century and the principals in this book will last through the next one.”



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