Repairing a Hurtful Relationship
by Jay Krunszyinsky

Horrific acts of hurt are in the national spotlight. When these and the more subtle forms of hurt are not acknowledged as absolute wrongs, persons can go through their lives confused about the concepts of right and wrong, as well as, good and bad. Jay Krunszyinsky has created a system for children, adolescents, and adults to process hurt and develop healthy relationships with the use of the virtues of honesty, love, and respect. The system of virtues and atonement described in this book will help the reader to develop an understanding of the truth surrounding healthy and unhealthy relationships and will be a guide for parents, couples, teachers, counselors, clergy, or anyone who touches the life of another human being. This book provides the reader a journey to the truth about relationships and finding happiness in one's life. This book will enlighten the reader while showing how powerful sorrow and atonement can be in helping people make sense of a chaotic world.

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